Cylinder bore in
Gasket + deck clearance (.035 min)
Stroke in
Piston to deck clearance at TDC
Rod length in (289=5.155; 302=5.090)  
Block deck height from crank CL in (stock 289/302=8.206)  
Cylinder head volume cc
Piston compression height in
Static Compression Ratio
Volume piston adds to head volume cc
Effective Compression Ratio
Head gasket thickness in
Target ECR = 7.5 - 8.4 for 91 octane fuel
Head gasket bore in
(8.5 - 9:1 for dedicated race engines)
Camshaft intake duration (adv) deg      
Camshaft intake centerline deg
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Notes: Calculations are believed to be accurate. However, use at your own risk. Static compression ratio and boost formulas were implemented based on information found on various websites—including the KB/SilvoLite website which has some great calculators—then adjusted to fit the calculator design. Formulas for the intake valve-influenced portion of the Effective Compression Ratio were found on Pat Kelly's website, where you can find an explanation of how it all works.

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