Dexy: The free-form note organizer
Designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch, Dexy is the spiritual descendent of old-school programs like QuickDEX for Macintosh and Cardfile for Windows. Type quick notes anywhere and easily find them again later. Includes a free, secure online backup subscription to protect your data.

Music: CDs & Downloads
The Toxic Sloths serve up a punkish blend of ska, funk, lounge, metal, reggae, rap, and country. Madness meets Green Day at the Red Hot Chili Pepper's house to talk about the Sex Pistols. CDs and digital downloads are available through our distributors: Amazon, CDBaby,and iTunes.

CrCalc: Compression Ratio Calculator
Designed to help hot rod mechanics squeeze the last bit of performance and efficiency from their engines, this web application lets you tweak everything from bore and stroke all the way down to gasket thickness. Nail the perfect combination of parts and machine shop specs.

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